• In our fully equipped studio or Online via Zoom
  • Small class sizes!
  • Variety of memberships available at accessible prices

We don’t offer hybrid in-person/online sessions


  • In our Hackney studio, Tuesdays 10am-12pm
  • Self-practice (with guidance) on the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Wunda Chair, Barrel
  • use a valid class credit to attend these sessions


  • Our current offer includes “Power Pilates” & “Meno-Strength”
  • You make one initial payment for the entire block – sessions run at the same time each week for predetermined dates

1:1 & 2:1 SESSIONS

  • In our Hackney studio
  • Use of Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrel
  • Tailored just you (1:1), or with a friend/partner (2:1)
  • Zoom sessions available too!

All classes and sessions must be booked via our partner software TeamUp:  SIGN UP HERE!


We offer a variety of memberships to join our classes. From 2024, classes will run in a series of three “Terms”-  Spring; Summer; and Autumn/Winter. There’ll also be some “high summer” drop-in classes through late July/early August. A short closure of the studio proceeds the end of each term, giving our teachers a well earned rest!

Our Spring 2024 term starts Friday 5th January and ends Thursday 28th March (one day preceding Easter). This term is 12 weeks long. Exercises taught in week 1 are a little more “back to basics”. By the end of the term, exercises taught are more challenging and complex. In short, we aim to encourage progress through the term, regardless of ability level.  Bookings for each term launch one to two months ahead of time, with an Earlybird discount offer for advance bookings!

Choose from:


Bronze – 8 classes
Silver – 12 classes
Gold – 18 classes
Platinum – 24 classes

Our Silver Membership awards 12 class credits to use over a period of 12 weeks. i.e. it assumes you want to attend once a week-ish. You can still attend more classes some weeks and less other weeks if that suits your schedule better. As long as you use your credits between the start and end of term, you can attend when you like. The Platinum membership is aimed at clients wanting to attend twice a week – it rewards regular attendance with lower prices per class. Again, it’s up to you how you space your classes out though. The Bronze Membership and Gold Memberships let you attend more or less accordingly! If you want to get involved but can’t commit to every week, the Bronze membership is the one for you.

Or (for lower prices per class)…


(1 Class/Week Membership)

Literally what it says on the tin. Register for and attend one class per week. You’ll make a single initial payment in the same way as for Flexible Memberships. Our booking system awards you one class to use each week between the start and end dates of the membership. No carry over of unused credits to subsequent weeks (or terms). You can buy more than one Weekly Membership if you want! Our week runs Monday to Saturday.  As this Spring term is a little disrupted by Christmas and Easter, One Class/Week Memberships will begin w/c Monday 8th January through to w/e Saturday 23rd March, 2024

PLEASE NOTE: The precise number of class credits for each membership may vary from term to term, depending on how long the term lasts. The Summer term is slightly longer and the Autumn/Winter term a little longer still. The full 2024 calendar will be published shortly!

Click PRICES & BOOKING  to view Membership costs


WANT TO PRACTICE SOONER?!  If you wish to try our classes before Christmas, you can purchase a 6, 3, or Single Class Pack.  Valid until 23/12/23 when we close for Christmas holidays. Please don’t pay for more classes than you can realistically attend. Unused classes cannot be refunded, transferred or carried over.



  • “Pilates” classes are run in-house by Victoria Park Pilates. Classes are 55 minutes long. Most are Mixed Ability but some are gear towards beginner or experienced clients.
  • We don’t differentiate between Mat or our (spring-loaded) Towers for group classes. Beginners are welcome to all sessions but may prefer the Basics class on Monday evenings. Our teachers use a variety of equipment that may include the Towers, in the same way we use bands, balls, hand-weights and toning circles. If you have a strong preference for mat-work, please email us
  • Pilates – Back Pain: classes to help clients manage lower back pain. Exercises taught are low-impact and will help you find the confidence to move more easily. Also appropriate for clients struggling with neck and shoulder pain. Taught by an instructor with advanced accreditation in Exercise for Low Back Pain
  • *Yoga for Sport* and *Flexible Strength* classes are run externally by Gail Wilkinson and Ellen Leishman respectively. Book directly with these teachers if you only plan to attend these classes (email for details) There are a very limited number of spaces available in these classes for Victoria Park Pilates members too. In other words, you may register using valid class credit and we pay the teacher!
  • Open Studio Session – Practice using our Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Towers and Barrels, plus any other small equipment you like! These “Open Studio” sessions take place between 10am and 12pm on Tuesdays. Equipment is laid out as a Pilates “Gym”. You can arrive and leave when you wish, as long as it’s between the start and end times of the session. This can mean a shorter 45-50 min session if that suits you better, or stay for the full session. You’ll be self-practicing or alongside one or more clients but under close supervision and guidance. Complete Beginners; please attend some group classes first or book a few private sessions. Capacity is limited and bookings are online in advance only.


MENO-STRENGTH: A short block of low impact strength and conditioning sessions using small hand/ankle weights and kettlebells. Suitable for adults of all ages/genders but particularly suitable for women aged 40+. Taught by an experienced Personal Trainer and running coach who has also undergone extensive Pilates and Movement training

*POWER PILATES* is run externally by teacher Duncan Orrock. It’s a 6 week progressive course. Again, you may book directly or via your customer account.

Start dates can be viewed and purchased from the COURSES page of our TeamUp booking software. CLICK HERE!

1:1 & 2:1 SESSIONS:

A private (1:1) or semi-private (duet) session for one to two clients in our studio. Sessions can be Mat or large-equipment based. Please email before booking to let us know your preference. Not all teachers are certified to teach on all large equipment. Large equipment includes Reformer, Tower (half-cadillac), Wunda Chair and Barrel.

Both bookings and cancellations for 1:1/2:1’s must be made via our online booking system at least 48 hours in advance. If cancellation is made less than 48 hours, the session is lost and will not be re-credited to your customer account.  If you wish to book a session at a time that isn’t listed, please enquire! Our teacher availability changes week by week.


All Memberships, Courses and 1:1/2:1 Sessions must be purchased in advance via TeamUp, our online booking system.  If you’re a new client, you’ll need to create an account to make a purchase

If you’ve purchased a Membership for Group Classes:

  • Please then register for each class or session. You do this via the SCHEDULE page on TeamUp.
  • We operate on a first come basis and can’t guarantee spaces. Waitlists operate when a class is full.
  • We highly encourage clients register themselves into all classes for a given term, ahead of the start of term. Not only does it secure your space in a given class, it provides us a clear indication of what classes are popular so that more classes can be added to the timetable if needed. You may unregister closer to the time (subject to the cancellation window) if necessary.


  • 12 hours for Group Classes and Studio Sessions
  • 48 hours for 1:1 / 2:1 sessions

Cancellations after the deadline are considered late cancels and the session is unfortunately lost.

  • New clients MUST complete and return a Health Questionnaire at least 24 hours before attending their first group class, course or private session.  This can be filled in and submitted online. The form is secure and confidential.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions 

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