Our custom Wall Tower

We have 8 custom built Wall Towers in the studio. A Tower is basically a Half-Cadillac (Trapeze table) built from powder-coated steel uprights, but wall and floor mounted. They incorporate the functionality of a traditional Pilates Half-Cadillac (or Trapeze table) complete with a wooden spring loaded push-through bar, rolldown bar and eyelet attachments for a multitude of exercises to add resistance, load and challenge. Springs used are Balanced Body springs.

Many exercises performed on a Reformer are also taught on the Tower, plus a whole lot more, to include lots of dynamic standing work to combat the excessive time many of us spend sitting. The ladder and pull-up bar addition allows for suspension, climbing and hanging-based training and strength work. Wall Towers are used in our Wall Tower small group classes as well as Studio Equipment Sessions (for 3 clients) and Private 1:1 Sessions

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