Handstand on ball

Sam White

Sam founded her East London Pilates business “My Local Pilates” in 2013, after completing Level 3 Matwork certification with Body Control Pilates.  Despite always being active, years working as a number-cruncher in Fashion Buying resulted in chronic neck and shoulder pain. Pilates provided much needed relief and reignited Sam’s passion and thirst for knowledge of the human body (she studied Biochemistry at Uni, so lots of Physiology and Sports Science). Re-training as a Pilates teacher was a natural choice for this office worker who couldn’t sit still!

As a now keen cyclist, runner, swimmer (and wannabe Trapeze artist!), she has a particular interest in the application and relevance of Pilates to sport and sports performance. In 2019, she also gained accreditation as a Personal Trainer, eager to bring the benefits of weight training to her clients. Sam is a self-professed adrenaline junkie and in her spare time, when not running and cycling, enjoys hanging off ropes and defying gravity!

Sam teaches Pilates Mat and Equipment to all levels. She also holds Advanced Level 4 Low Back Pain and Level 3 Personal Trainer certification, to include Kettlebell and Suspension Training.