Spring 2023 workshops coming soon!

Workshops are £22 each, or for a discounted rate, Class Pack holders & Monthly Members can register using 1 valid credit, plus a supplement of £5

Power Pilates

Power Pilates Banner

A high-energy workout with small hand-weights, designed to challenge strength and endurance. The first part introduces the exercises and takes a close look at correct technique. The main body of the class will put together what you’ve learnt in a fun and dynamic short session. The final portion will take you through a lovely stretch and cooldown to ease tired and worked muscles. Expect to sweat so bring a towel! All welcome, but clients must be free of serious injury to participate

Date: Saturday 22nd October

Time: 10:30am

Teacher: Han

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Rock & Roll

Emma Rock&Roll panned out

Big balls, small balls, weighted toning balls… we’ve got it covered! The ultimate test of your balance and stability! You’ll be taken through a series of exercises to challenge and improve your balance, strength, stability and mobility using our Balls.  Be ready for a full-body workout during this fun and practical workshop, suitable for clients of all levels and adults of all ages.

Date:  Thursday 27th October

Time: 7:15pm

Teacher: Emma

Emma Headshot

On Your Toes

Danai On Your Toes

This workshop focuses upon limbs of the lower body, from the ground up! Feet of course; these are the foundation of our body, but also ankles, knees and hips. Let’s explore the potential of our feet, strengthen our lower legs and improve our balance in a 90min workshop.

Date: Saturday 5th Nov

Time: 10:30am

Teacher: Danai

Danai Chisenhale 8

Restorative Pilates

Rosamond Workshop Title 2

This gentle, mindful workshop is a chance to explore and settle mind and body. We’ll take the time to slow-down, zoom-in and pay attention to things we might otherwise take for granted. The class will include a number of Pilates exercises you are already familiar with, but will invite you to take the time to explore softer and often more efficient variations. By the end of the session you will feel calmer and more grounded, with fuller breath, lighter posture and reduced effort. Try this for a gentle physical and mental reset.

Date: Thursday 10th November

Time: 7:15pm

Teacher: Rosamond

Rosmond Head Shot New

Pilates Playtime!

Flyer OTE3

A fun workshop using all of the studio equipment! No experience necessary and a great introduction if you’re not familiar with the Pilates large apparatus. You’ll be shown a handful of exercises on the Wunda Chair, Reformers, Towers and Arcs to have a try at in a circuit-style session, under our close supervision. If you’re already familiar with the larger equipment, you’ll be right at home in our adult playground!

Date: Thursday 17th November and Saturday 17th December

Time: 7:15pm (Thurs), 10:30am (Sat)

Teacher:  Sam

sam headshot

Pilates in 3D

Duncan side twist

Movement has moved on! If our movements are dynamic (e.g. when we walk, dance, jump or run), then our “stability” needs to be dynamic too, not braced or held as is commonly thought best. We’ll focus upon Mobility, i.e. being able to move easily and efficiently and being “stable” within a much bigger range than perhaps what you’ve learned before or are used to in a fitness environment. Challenge yourself to find the best range of movement you can control through a range of exercises you can take home with you to practice. Perfect if you’re active and sporty but as essential for anyone who values longevity in their own bodies and wishes to improve balance and agility.

Date: Saturday 19th November

Time: 10:30am

Teacher: Duncan

Duncan studio profile

Hips & Twists

Gail Workshop

We don’t just do Pilates..! A super Yoga workshop for the whole body, realising how including twists can help improve the way our spine releases alongside the hips. Perfect for anyone who does lots of sitting, or sports that tighten the hips

Date: Saturday 3rd December

Time: 10:30am

Teacher: Gail

Gail Headshot

Unwinding the Body

Danai Stretch

In this workshop we’ll focus on fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every part of our body. A series of tension releasing exercises, the use of breath and natural reaction to the movements will help us find more flexibility and space in our joints.

Date: Thursday 8th December

Time: 7:15pm

Teacher: Danai

Danai Chisenhale 8

Check back soon for more Workshops!

All workshop bookings must be made online at least 48 hours in advance. No drop-ins on the day, sorry. Minimum and maximum numbers of clients apply to each workshop, don’t delay in booking if you’d like to attend! Once a booking is made, you may cancel the workshop up to 24 hours before the workshop begins and the session will be recredited to your customer account. Cancellations made less than 24 hours are lost, sorry. All new clients MUST complete and submit a Health Questionnaire 24 hours before the workshop.

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