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You'll be taught a series of exercises which you practice from a mat - we supply these but you may bring your own if you prefer.

Some exercises will be standing, others will be laying down in one of several start positions. Pilates involve multiple repetitions of an exercise, before moving onto a new exercise. Beginners exercises are kept simple, Intermediate and Advanced exercises can involve complex choreography requiring a high degree of control and coordination. We teach with a wide variety of small and large equipment in our studio group classes, to included (but not limited to!) the Pilates Tower, Foam Roller, Toning Circle, Hand/Ankle Weights, Resistance bands and loops. Your teacher will teach using equipment that reflects their training and expertise and the needs of the group.

Each client will use a different piece of equipment or large apparatus and work independently, but under the close supervision of a teacher. The sessions provide an accessible alternative to private 1:1 sessions. You can expect to use the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector or Ladder Barrel and the Tower, as well as mat exercises incorporating small and large balls, bands, toning circles and other small equipment. Clients new to Studio Equipment should book some Private Sessions (1:1) first or attend Group Classes where the Tower will be used.

The studio is equipped with two Reformers, for use in Private (1:1) Sessions, Reformer Duets (2:1) and our Open Studio Sessions, in conjunction with the Tower, Chair and Barrel. Exercises taught on the Reformer will be tailored to you and your needs. We've chosen to offer multiple Tower units instead of group reformer sessions - the Tower offers a similar, if not wider repertoire of Pilates and Pilates-based exercises with the added possibility of upper body assisted and unassisted strength training. They also allow the studio space to be used for mat class and training too.

We're situated at Victoria Park Harriers on the very the north-east corner of Victoria Park, Hackney, E9 5EG. It's a big old building and was once a school house. The premises are accessed from Cadogan Terrace next to the traffic lights - please note the gate direct from the park itself is usually locked. Once you've entered the gate from Cadogan Terrace, walk past the main building to the left (the clubhouse) and you'll see the annexe in front of you. The Pilates studio is upstairs and can be accessed via the external stairs, starting immediately left to the grey double doors

We have a no-shoes policy in the studio, unless they are dedicated indoor (and clean) training shoes. You won't need shoes for Pilates sessions; socks or bare feet are fine. Please bring clean socks for Tower classes and Studio/Private Sessions as you'll be using the large equipment - grippy soled socks are ideal. Clothes you can move freely in such as leggings, shorts or tracksuit bottoms are best. You might wish to wear a longer sleeved top on top of a short sleeved top you can remove once warmed up, or during the colder months. Please arrive changed and ready to exercise if you can. There is a toilet in the studio itself and larger changing facilities in the main clubhouse

Ordinarily we provide mats for use in the studio. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we ask that you kindly bring your own mat with you. Any equipment used in class will need to be sprayed with our disinfectant after use. There is a kitchen sink to re-fill water bottles with tap water if you bring a bottle with you

I'm afraid we don't. We do offer a small "Intro" package of 5 sessions, which we believe gives you flavour of what we do at a very discounted rate. You can book this via our Prices and Membership page. Completely new Beginners are also welcome to book a Beginners Workshop as a single session, without committing to classes.

Please don't hesitate to ask! We're a small, friendly and unintimidating set-up who have been providing Pilates to the Hackney community since 2013. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from the very sporty to the less so. Everybody is welcome!

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