What We Offer

Group Classes that run in series of “terms” throughout the year. Each term has a specific start and end date. Group Classes taught during any one term will increase in difficulty and complexity over that duration, resulting in progression and results in those who regularly attend. Choose from…

  • Face-to-face group classes in our studio at Victoria Park
  • Online/Zoom group classes, streamed from our teachers homes. You may be offered corrections and will need to have your webcam switched on. Up to 12 clients.


Private Sessions for you and you and a partner or friend, tailored to your goals and needs. Choose from…

  • 1 or 2 Clients : 1 Teacher – a great option if you have a specific goal, or are dealing an injury. Available by request, these take place in the Studio or via Zoom
  • Reformer Duets – new for January 2022! Dedicated Reformer sessions for you and a partner or friend

Private sessions at the studio include mat exercises plus use of all small and larger studio equipment; Reformers, Towers, Wunda Chair and Barrel, or one Reformer each for Reformer Duet sessions. Suspension and Strength Training are also available and particular suitable to older adults and clients new to strength training


Studio Equipment Courses – for up to 4 clients, using all large studio equipment. Recommences mid January 2022 – details coming soon!


More about our Group classes…

  • All group classes are split by ability level, or listed as “Open” level
  • Zoom group classes may use small equipment such as bands, balls and handweights but are mat-based
  • Studio group classes will incorporate both smaller and larger equipment (including the Towers, but excluding Reformer and Chair), in combination with traditional (and less traditional!) mat exercises. We leave it to the experience of the teacher to teach classes in accordance to both their training and expertise and the needs of the group

A summary of our Class Levels:

  • Open Level –  A varied pace class – options will be given for clients to work at their own level
  • Beginner/Improver Level – Aimed at beginners and those with injuries and anyone wanting a slower paced class
  • Improver/Intermediate Level – Aimed at those with prior practice and able to do Beginner exercises with precision and ease. Moderate to faster paced
  • Intermediate/Advanced – Able Intermediate and more Advanced clients only, who are have the technical understanding and ability to work towards advanced exercises. You must be free of serious injury.
  • Low Back Pain – Aimed at clients with chronic back pain. Taught by a Level 4 Low Back Pain specialist teacher
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