Class Types

Our Group Classes and Private Sessions are suitable for adults of all ages and ability, including complete beginners.

  • Weekly Group Classes include both Matwork and Wall Tower classes, taught in our studio in small groups of between 8 and 12 clients.
  • Online/Zoom Matwork Classes direct to you at home. Note, these are streamed from our teachers own home studios and not from our studio group classes. You will be offered corrections and you will need to have your webcam switched on. Up to 12 clients attending.
  • Studio Equipment 4 week Courses for just 4 clients (using the Reformer, Chair, Barrel and Tower, plus small equipment such as balls, bands, foam rollers and circles) on Wednesday mornings. These 75 minute sessions provide an accessible and affordable alternative to Private 1:1 Sessions.
  • Private Sessions (1 client:1 teacher) are a great option if you have a specific goal, want a program tailored to you, or are struggling to overcome an injury. They include both Matwork and Small and Large equipment i.e. Reformer, Tower, Chair and Barrel. Private sessions are available in the studio by request, when group sessions are not scheduled. Suspension Training and Strength Training are also available. Private sessions can be for yourself or for you and a partner/friend and may take place via Online/Zoom in your own home if you prefer.

Group Classes in our studio include:

  • Tower (Open) –  a mixed ability group class for 8 clients using the Pilates Wall Tower; a custom made unit based on the traditional Pilates Half-Cadillac, complete with a push-through bar, rolldown bar and spring attachments for resistance based training.  Read more about our Wall Tower here
  • Tower 1 – A dedicated Beginner/Improver class using the Pilates Tower; a custom made unit based on the traditional Pilates Half-Cadillac which uses springs for added resistance to challenge but also to guide and support. Suitable also for anyone wanting a slower pace…
  • Tower 2 – A Pilates Tower class for more experienced clients. Expect a faster pace, more exercises and spring changes and a greater demand on your mind and body! Not suitable for clients new to Pilates
  • Mat 1 – aimed at complete Beginner and Improver clients, but suitable for anyone who wants a slower paced class or who wishes to refine their technique. Also suitable for sufferers of chronic lower back pain
  • Mat 2 – strong Improver, Intermediate and Advanced clients who have prior Pilates practice, are free of serious injury and have good control, coordination and mobility
  • Mat (Open) – an open level class with options to practice at your own ability level
  • Pilates + Small Equipment – a mixed ability mat class incorporating small weights, balls, toning circles and resistance bands. All welcome!
  • Pilates + Weights (Level 2) – incorporates small hand and ankle weights, weighted bars, resistance bands and loops. Exercises taught will apply Pilates principles of correct alignment, precision of movement, control and coordination. If you want to get stronger in low-impact way, try this class! Assumes both a decent level of fitness and an understanding and ability to perform basic Pilates exercises with ease.

Online/Zoom Classes are: Mat 1, Mat 2, Mat (Open Level) and Pilates with Small Equipment. If you are a new client and want to sign up to the Zoom Small Equipment class, please ask us in advance what you will need. Substitutions using common household items can be made!

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